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  1. Zamzar – Free Online File Conversion
  2. Movavi Online – Free Online Video Converter
  3. YouConvertIt – Free Online Media Converter
  4. MediaConverter – Free Online Audio and Video Converter
  5. Vixy – Online FLV Converter
  6. Youtube Editor Tool
  7. Video Tool Box Editor Tool
  8. Pixorial Online Video Editor
  9. WeVideo Online Video Editor
  10. FileLab Online Video Editor


The substitute for video converter software solution is Online Video Converter. As the fame of video is rising from everyday, a number of video sharing websites in addition to online video converters were formed. There are various free online video converter facilities offered on internet these days.
Online Video Converter is made to help you to convert from one video format to other without the need to download and install any program. From one to another service, there are a few differences concerning the features together with supported file formats, kind of media you can convert to and more. Let us consider little highlights. The online converter like Zamzar, Media Convert, YouConvertIt does not only offer you more than a video converting facility, but as well permits you to convert a lot of others file formats in some key categories, such as Document (Doc, PPT, HTML, PDF), Image (JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF), Audio (MP3, WAV, ACC) and Archives (Zip, Rar, Tar).
Alternatively, Convertdirect and Vixy offer you single online flv converter solution, which permits you to convert as well as download video from popular video sharing websites like YouTube for iPod, PSP and Zune. Besides, Movavi Online; not merely video conversion but also a choice to combine all videos into single large movie.
The video converters, such as, Zamzar, MediaConverter and Flvto, offer you both free as well as paid services, which you can select, according to your requirements.

Free online video converter

If you are trying to find the good and reliable free online video converter, you have come to the right place! This page lists top free online video converters, which have been cautiously choosen:

1. Zamzar – Free Online File Conversion
Zamzar is among most accepted online video converter presented on the internet these days. You can convert video from your local PC as well as from any video sharing websites like YouTube, Google Video, Revver,, Dailymotion and others. This online video conversion means is accessible in quite a lot of subscription packages: Free, Basic, Pro and Business. With free facility, you can convert up to 100MB, up to 5 files simultaneously and there is no registration needed. To obtain additional features together with converting size, online storage space, speedy technical assistance, you may have to utilize its paid package.
2. Movavi Online – Free Online Video Converter

Movavi Online is a free online video converter that allows you download as well as convert videos from your local PC in addition to common video sharing websites, for instance, YouTube, Google Video,, Break, Dailymotion and a lot more. It save these files to your iPhone, iPod, Cell phone in popular video formats together with AVI, MPEG, MOV, FLV, MP4, 3GP. With this video file converter you download any number of videos and combine them into single lengthy film. As it is a web-supported facility, you can make use of whether you are on Mac, Linux or Windows. You can upload up to 100MB of files – max 5 files – in a single conversion session.

3. YouConvertIt – Free Online Media Converter is a free online converter tool, which permits you to convert different media file formats in numerous key categories together with Documents, Images, Audio, Video and Archives without purchasing or installing anything on your PC. This free conversion service also lets to convert and download video file from major video sharing websites, for instance, YouTube, into most popular video formats like MP4, MOV, MPEG, AVI, RM, FLV, ASF, 3GP, WMV and MPG. This free video converter facility has simple and easy interface.

4. MediaConverter – Free Online Audio and Video Converter is an online video converter that offers both free as well as paid conversion facilities. With free file converter service, you can convert up to 100MB of videos; however, the free service is restricted to 5 conversions per day. It is an uncomplicated and user-friendly online video converter tool. You can convert video whether from your local processor or from key video sharing websites, such as, Break, Dailymotion, Facebook, Livevideo, Metacafe, Myvideo, Veoh and Youtube. This audio video converter tool has good interface and is presented in a number of languages together with English, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

5. Vixy – Online FLV Converter is a free online video converter facility. With this free video converter service, you can convert a Flash Video to MPEG4 and also to AVI/MOV/MP4/MP3/3GP file online. When you enter the URL, it will download and convert to the selected video format, and then you can download that converted file. This is most simple video format converter and user-friendly service available online.

Online Video Editor

Following are the top of the shelf Online Video Editor tools:
1 – Youtube Editor Tool

Youtube Video Editor

Youtube Video Editor

This is most commonly freeware online video editor tool. You can easily call it youtube online video converter. You just need your Gmail account to register with youtube. Once registered It offers you range of free services such as

1. Merge/Mix multiple videos
2. Trim your videos the way you want
3. Add soundtrack
4. Enhance clips with special tools
5. Increase resolution
6. Add text, tweak brightness and contrast, ass transitions, and stabilize to reduce camera shake etc
7. Use the Blurring tool in sensitive videos to protect privacy.

2 – Video Tool Box

Video Tool Box

Video Tool Box

A great Online Video Editor tool, offer you:
1. Upload up to 600MB video free from any medium such as webcam or video casting device
2. Download videos
3. Add watermarks to your videos
4. Crop, merge, demux, and hardcode subtitles to your videos
5. Gives you two modes to work with – simple and advanced. It is a video converter too as it can convert between all of the popular video formats (3GP, AMV, ASF, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, M4V, MP4, MPEG, MPG, RM, VOB, WMV).

3 – Pixorial

Pixorial Online Editing Tool

Pixorial Online Editing Tool

This online video editor tool is available in both free and paid version. You get whole range of features such as:

1. Upload upto 1 GB video
2. Connect your videos to Google Drive ( and yes you get 5GB Storage)
3. Trim your video , combine clips from multiple different videos
4. Add background sound, create text, titles and credits
5. Above all Pixorial has the applications for iphone and Android.

4 – WeVideo

Wevideo Editing Tool

Wevideo Editing Tool

1. Great Online Video Edito tool. Also give in both packages light version which is free and premium plans.
2. Upload 1 GB online storage
3. Supports common video formats
4. Video quality is limited to 360p resolution
5. Vonnect WeVideo to Google Drive and sync your videos across the cloud.
6. Create effects, animations, transitions, and color correction filters.
7. Also supports multi-track audio

5 – FileLab

Filelab Online Editing Tool

Filelab Online Editing Tool

It’s the new kid in the town when it comes to Online Video Editing. Installation is very easy i.e just upto 1MB. The tool gives you heaps of features such as:

  1. Trim, cut, split, merge, rotate and mix videos.
  2. Get innovative and create video effects
  3. Style your video with TV simulation, Pencil Sketch, Old Movies and much more
  4. Give you clear timeline tranisition so nothing falls through the crack
  5. Add overlays to your videos
  6. Set transparency, position and direction
  7. Moreover High Definition Video format is support.
  8. Best part is while exporting the videos you can play these videos in Android, iPhone and iPad.

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